Mind Blown

March 28, 2013

Gamma and how it affects graphics, why was this never mentioned in 4 years of university????



A Link to all my demos

May 11, 2011


Back on the job hunt.

May 3, 2011

Expect lots of changes on here over the coming weeks as I try and get the blog/portfolio back to some semblence of usefulness.

Converted to WordPress!

January 25, 2011

Just converted blog over to wordpress so all hell has broken loose.

I’ll piece the blog back together on an as time allows basis 😉

CV Removal

August 30, 2010
Took down my CV as I have found a new job. Hurrah!

Deferred Lighting

September 13, 2009
Turned into a light bit of a botch job due to some strange DXUT’ness but here is the link to the demo which I bolted on to my previous shader showcase demo.

SoapBox gone the way of the DODO!

September 13, 2009
Apologies for anyone coming to check out the earlier videos of my work as it seems MSN SoapBox has died. It may take me a while to get all the videos back up probably with Vimeo but get them back up I will.

The main thing is that the source and the executables are all available for download from my blog still 🙂 so not all doom and gloom.

Link to Parallel Particle source code

August 10, 2009
Here is the link to download the code sample. You should just need to link against the directx libs d3d9 and d3dx9. The threading library is within the application hierarchy so you need not worry about trying to include that.

Parallel Particle Demo

August 10, 2009
Here is my latest demo code in action. It is a particle system that is making use of multiple threads with roughly 100,000 seperate particles in this example. I have tested the system up to 500k which brings my amd 4600 X2 machine down to around 10FPS. Your seeing each particles colour, velocity and lifespan being updated individually in a very simple manner — effectively just clamping a range and adding a random value to each and wrapping if outside said range. The next step is to see if I can improve the efficiency of the system to get more particles on screen at higher framerates and also to add in additional behaviours and functionallity.


Parallel Particle Demo from Mark Hinchcliffe on Vimeo.

SQUIBS Arcade lands on IPhone

May 29, 2009
My first professional games release is now available *Hurrah*. Its called squibs arcade and as you can see from the video link below a bit of bad acting was required for the viral marketing. Each game is an omage to triple A titles available on modern consoles. Download and enjoy now! It will soon be available for wiiware also which is pretty neat.



It’s for … tea dunkers! from Squibs Arcade on Vimeo.