First Year BlueJ BattleShips Assignment


  Source Files

PROJECT TITLE: Battleships Assignment 1
PURPOSE OF PROJECT: CFS2112 Writing Software Assignment
VERSION or DATE:30/12/2004
HOW TO START THIS PROJECT: Create a new game class object and run the play method follow User Instructions from there
AUTHORS: Mark Hinchcliffe — N0402956

To Play my version of Battleships create a Game object and run its play() method. You will be greeted with a welcome message and the program will ask player 1 to enter a direction for the first ship enter either Vertical or Horizontal depending on your preference. If you enter anything else an error message is displayed that will tell you the problem and what needs to be entered. Once you have entered this correctly you will be presented with another line asking for the start co-ordinate for your ship this is of the form Letter(A to J)Number(1 to 10) as one word. For a list of all the commands type HELP at any line during the game. Once player 1 has set up his/her co-ordinates the game will require player 2 to do the same after player 2 enters his/her co-ordinates using the same rules as player 1 the next phase of the game begins and player 1 takes his/her turn at firing at the grid. For this phase just enter a co-ordinate as you did during the ship position phase. One player wins when all the opponents ships are sunk. For more info go to



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