First Year Postroom Computer Assignment

Built for the University of Huddersfields Postroom Computer, which is a simplified virtual assembly instruction machine. Unfortunately I cannot include it with this work but might be interesting for anyone else that wants to see how I went about the problem.

Hardware and Networks Postroom Computer Assignment

Created By:  Mark Hinchcliffe
Created On:  11/04/2005

TITLE:  Hardware & Networks Long Word Assignment

Files Included all viewable in word, notepad, gedit etc: 

  • dword-macros.pca
  • dword-macros.pco
  • pc.env
  • testADDL.pca
  • testADDL.pco
  • testINPL.pca
  • testINPL.pco
  • testSUBL.pca
  • testSUBL.pco


Use the test programs associated with each type of mathematical procedure
to see a demonstration of the macros working.

The input macro requires input as:

Most significant word
Least significant word

As all other macros use the input macro to attain the values for use in the
calculations so the input will be:

Most significant word
Least significant word
Most significant word
Least significant word

The output from the macros do not show the leading zeros or in the case of
the MSW the trailing zeros so 9999+9999 = 19998000019998 but is shown as 1999819998.

As I have used indirect addressing to store the LSE and MSW using the same MSW
values will cause the data to be overwritten in some instances please see the warnings
section in the .pca files for further details on the macro limitations and bugs.


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