Final Year – Dissertation

I based my dissertation on the fluid dynamic work of Mark Harris, he suggests algorithms that can be implemented on current ps2.0/3.0 hardware to create fairly realistic 2D and 3D fluid implementations. I had varied success when trying to implement his systems into HLSL and DirectX. From the following video you can see that although the dye fluid on the left does move with respect to the red tinted velocity texture on the right, The velocity texture should be blended as it is produced through a different pass than the dye fluid on the left. The pass that does not seem to work correctly requires the velocity texture to be updated and passed back to itself iteratively; in the following video this is attempted 20 times per frame using separate render targets.

As you can see the velocity (red tinted one) texture does not appear blended from the Jacobi iteration.

Source Code and Release Executable


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