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Link to Parallel Particle source code

August 10, 2009
Here is the link to download the code sample. You should just need to link against the directx libs d3d9 and d3dx9. The threading library is within the application hierarchy so you need not worry about trying to include that.


Parallel Particle Demo

August 10, 2009
Here is my latest demo code in action. It is a particle system that is making use of multiple threads with roughly 100,000 seperate particles in this example. I have tested the system up to 500k which brings my amd 4600 X2 machine down to around 10FPS. Your seeing each particles colour, velocity and lifespan being updated individually in a very simple manner — effectively just clamping a range and adding a random value to each and wrapping if outside said range. The next step is to see if I can improve the efficiency of the system to get more particles on screen at higher framerates and also to add in additional behaviours and functionallity.

Parallel Particle Demo from Mark Hinchcliffe on Vimeo.

Second Year First C++ Project

April 28, 2008

My first C++ based project involved animation, terrain following, camera/gun bob during movement, Multiple animated A.I. enemies that would run directly at the player.

Source Code and Executables

Second Year Maze Assignment

April 28, 2008

For my C++ maze assignment I decided to be adventurous and create a cubic maze. This really helped solidify the notion of Matrix mathematics for me, I would encourage anyone else doing a maze environment to have a crack at it as the hardest part is the player controls funnily enough.


 Source Code and Release Executable